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Steven Rossi, President
Serial entrepreneur and lover of pickup trucks, he’s got 12 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket industry with a strong working understanding of research, development, and marketing. He outfitted his first bed with a tonneau that he and his father constructed back in the 90s and he’s determined to get a cover on every truck he sees.



Steve Raivio, Chief Operating Officer
Almost 20 years in the automotive accessory industry, Steve has lent his experience to TRUXMART’s mission since its founding. Prior to joining, he honed his skills at a small company that grew to be a significant player in the Canadian automotive aftermarket within 5 years. His work at Willipak Industries, TGF Bumper and Fender and Focus Auto Design is invaluable to this team.

TRUXMART Background

TRUXMART is poised to lead the tonneau cover market through innovation. The mission is simple: to design and engineer tonneaus best suited to today’s new, dynamic and efficient models of light trucks. By continually maintaining a strong emphasis on customer service, high-quality and a global mindset, TRUXMART will become an industry leader.


Re-defining the utility and enjoyment of pickup trucks.


Build innovative, quality tonneau covers and accessories that are affordable and durable; suited to a variety of consumer lifestyles.


Ethical: build business through smart growth

Integral: delivering great quality + value

Innovative: User driven improvements

Trust & Authenticity

Versatility: be a brand for all lifestyles and needs



TRUXMART was founded five years ago in the Great White North by two friends named Steve. They had a vision; to design and produce innovative tonneau cover and bed systems to meet and exceed the needs of today’s light duty pickups.

Emerging from humble roots and a small warehouse, these two challenged the market with their initial 180 trial units of TRUXMART’s first product, the Tri Fold.

Although a competitive and saturated market for the style of cover, TRUXMART’s Tri Fold debuted as a highly refined product at an aggressive price. The product was received with overwhelming praise from select local customers. And then came requests for more!

Before the duo could deliver their initial orders, clients demanded another 400 units, and then 800 more. That was when they had just one model. Now their lineup has increased more than 5 fold and the orders have yet to settle in the slightest. They just can’t keep up!

The best part? This demand stems from a very modest number of clients. They literally cannot accept new clients until inventory expands significantly. Which is the goal for 2016.